Friday, June 12, 2009

Classic Album: "Odessey & Oracle"- The Zombies

10.0 Everything about this album, from the mispelling of "Odyssey", to the psychedelic cover, to the music, to the perfect recordings, this album is classic. Although the Zombies called it quit right after recording this album, (the same time as "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and "Sgt. Pepper's") the album still managed to land a top 10 single two years after its release. Not to mention becoming one of the most critically acclaimed and influential albums of all time. From Tom Petty to Fleet Foxes, this album has inspired everyone.
It begins; the peppy piano phrase that starts this album is incredible. "Good Morning to you I hope you're feeling better baby...", it just makes you want to smile. Colin Blunstone's soulful voice, Rod Argent's complex chord progressions, Christ White's driving bass, Hugh Grundy's composed drumming, and Paul Atkinson's quiet guitar that pokes its head into the music whenever needed. "Care of Cell 44" is a beautiful masterpiece that has the best of any 1960's song; vocal harmonies and mellotrons.
From that blast of an intro, we go to the melancholy tune about a girl and summer. "A Rose for Emily" is yet another song of beautiful music and soulful vocals. At the beginning of "Maybe After He's Gone", the guitar finally gets a solo/intro! Good for him.
If there was one sure compliment I had to give, it would be how skilled and trained of musicians they truly are. Rod Argent is an incredible jazz musician, which is evident in his chord progressions (homework assignment: grab a guitar and try to play one of their songs). Also typically uncredited, their bass player Chris White, who wrote the beautiful "Beechwood Park", probably on my top 10 list of favourite songs of all time.
This album just plain makes you feel good. From beginning to end, it has your ears hooked, and everytime you listen to it you'll find something new about it you never noticed before. It is confusing to me why this album isn't one of the best selling of all time, but I think that their success is truly in their influence. If you've never heard this album, go buy it now; if you have heard of this album and haven't bought it yet, go buy it; please just go buy it. Screw Sgt. Pepper's, screw Thriller, this is the greatest album of all time. This album is truly inspiring.

Highlights: "Care of Cell 44", "Beechwood Park"
Listen if you like: The Shins, Telekinesis, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear

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