Friday, May 8, 2009

"Tonight: Franz Ferdinand"- Franz Ferdinand


Franz Ferdinand has always been, in my opinion, number 2 in indie (at least). It always seems that whatever they do always get out shined by something else; and, in my opinion, that's not necessarily in vain.

First of all, this is supposedly their "dance" album. This didn't necessarily work out for them because you can't just add a couple synthesizers here and there and make the beat a little faster and expect to have it be a dance album. They didn't necessarily miss their objective; this album lies somewhere between Indie Rock and Indie/Dance.

This album starts out strong, and then falls off the cliff from there. For instance, "Ulysses" does a great job of opening the album. It's a catchy tune that makes you want to groove into a British night club. The next, "Turn in On", is the stalker in the back of that night club you just walked into. "No You Girls", highlights the differences in genders (possibly during intercourse). "Send Him Away" is the first mediocre track, with a grooving line, but not quite there. "Twilight Omens" is possibly the most jivin' song on the album. This song plays the part when you get her number and go home from the night club. "Bite Hard" marks the first in the black hole on the album, which lasts until "Lucid Dreams", an almost 8 minute jam. "Dream Again", is a strikingly celestial song in the midst of almost dance-indie and pop. The end of the album, "Katherine Kiss Me", takes the group back to "Jacqueline", a slow acoustic soulful tune.

All in all, this album starts out strong, fades off, and sort of recovers. An overall pretty good album.
Highlight: "No You Girls", "Dream Again"
Listen if you like: The Bravery, MGMT

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