Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Merriweather Post Pavillion"- Animal Collective


Possibly the greatest thing about Animal Collective is their ability to adapt and change. They are not a band; as you will notice in there name, they are a collective of four musicians that get together for albums and touring sometimes with all four of them, sometimes with three, and this album is the latter.

The music in this album isn't the only amazing part, however; the vocal arrangements are nothing less than genius. The group constantly harmonizes and creates such a great atmosphere. This album is an Indie "Pet Sounds".

Animal Collective is all over the place. Rock, folk-rock, freak-folk, electronica, techno, Indie; and I would call this album Electronica-Indie-Pop, aka genius. This is their most solid effort yet. And this album cover will FREAK YOU OUT! This album, released in January, sets the bar very high for albums for the rest of the year.

  1. "In the Flowers"- a whimsical, atmospheric, haunting song. This song launches into a driving force, and leaves off where it started; in the flowers. 4 stars

  2. "My Girls"- this song is the definiton of polyrhythmic. A bright synth phrase is the vein of this song, as it is in the background the whole time, and provides the perfect foundation for this amazing song. Once you catch on to the phrase, the words come in and throw you off; once you balance that, a beat starts and throws you off; once you balance this, you finally feel the song. After a couple listens, you pay attention to the words; when you do this, you realise that the words are amazing and noble. A man that just wants the best life for his families. There is simply nothing more humble. This song is an early front-runner for best song of the year. 5 huge stars

  3. "Also Frightened"- where do you go from an epic? A chillout of course. It beams in with different percussion beats, and then finds its feet. 4 stars

  4. "Summertime Clothes"- this song is also pulsing. It makes you want to run, it makes you want to dance, it feels like it should be in a movie during a running scene. Once you hear the chorus, you'll be waiting for it everytime you listen to it. Another great example of their vocal arrangements. 5 stars

  5. "Daily Routine"- someone's been messing around with the tempo of their synths again. Like "My Girls", the rhythm is moving around. 4 stars

  6. "Bluish"- "I'm getting lost in your curls, I'm drawing pictures on your skin", this song proves their lyrical strength, and that they can be sweet too. A sort of Indie ballad. This song is beautiful. 4 stars

  7. "Guys Eyes"- More great rhythms, vocal arrangements, as well as the cosmic middle typical of most Animal Collective songs. 4 stars

  8. "Taste"- an introverted lyrical set, questioning existence. 4 stars

  9. "Lion in a Coma"- the song takes a while to pick up, but when it does it's worth the wait. 4 stars

  10. "No More Running"- the darkhorse of this album. Whispered phrasing, and carefully played piano with an aquatic atmosphere. The vocal arrangements during the choruses are truly fantastic. 4 stars

  11. "Brother Sport"- A culmination of the album; vocal arrangements, rhythms, weird lyrics, and an African influence. When listening to the tagline, "Open up your throat", half of you wants to believe it's about singing, because of the sing-along feel of it, but then again, it is Animal Collective, so it could be about blowjobs. A genuine double entendre. 4 stars

Highlight: "My Girls" and "Summertime Clothes"

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