Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Old Home Movies"- The Botticellis


Unfortunately, this album was released earlier in May of 2008, and I didn't stumble upon it until a couple of weeks ago; but that makes it no less amazing. It was another one of those "meant to be" moments, I heard one song, and I knew the whole album was going to be amazing.
Now to the real story, this is a San Francisco band called The Botticellis, and what they did in 28 minutes, on their first album, is truly magical. This album is perfectly crafted with vintage organs, harmony vocals, reverb guitars, thoughtful lyrics, a.k.a. EVERYTHING! This beauty clocks in at just over 28 minutes, and 10 sweet songs.

1. Old Home Movies- Quickly fading in, the organ catches your ear. A beautiful song about a free spirit, a true Indie epic. The words flow perfectly with the music, and the vocal delivery compliment perfectly. 5 stars
2. Stay with My Brother- Where do you go from the perfect opener? Here. This time soulful vocals, gentle phrasing, this is a gem. 4 stars
3. When I Call- Pure haunting magic. Slowly and carefully strummed guitars, haunting vocal arrangements, a deep set of lyrics about one of their friends who was in the emergency music. There's a lot of soul in this song too. What starts out haunting and gentle, evolves into epic and pumping, with a double timed solo that rivets straight to your heart. 5 stars

4. Up Against the Glass- Another short, but driving beauty. Fast paced and will quickly get your foot tapping, and your head swaying from side to side. These organs are delicious. 4 stars

5. The Reviewer- It sort of seems like the part 2 of the previous track, it carries on the beat and takes it to new levels. This song shows off all their best qualities. 4 stars

6. New Room- Majestic atmosphere, and more soulful vocals. The new room is outside, and if outside could play The Botticellis, I would spend 24/7 outside. 4 stars

7. Flashlight- Great structure, and awesome drums. 4 stars
8. Tongue is Blue- A melancholy, nostalgic acoustic guitar with amazing keyboards, face-to-face vocals, and singing about Terry and David. 5 stars

9. Who Are You Now- The longest song on the album. It has more wonderful vocal arrangements, and carries on the epic aspect that's expressed on the first part of the album. 4 stars
10. Table by the Window- Very short, I want more! An acoustic reflection sort of, I think a great way to end an album. 4 stars

Highlight: "When I Call', "Tongue is Blue"
44/50= 8.8
Feel of the album= .8/1
Total score= 9.6

I would recommend this album to any lover of The Shins, The Zombies, or The Beach Boys. This album is truly a gem, I can't wait for more from these guys.

-Griffin Taylor

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