Monday, August 31, 2009

Catch Up #1: 2009

Catch Up #1:
What is it? Basically where I post a laundry list of albums or other things that have come up this year that I haven't had the time to review, or that don't deserve their own blog about it.

"Black River Killer EP"- Blitzen Trapper
More great tracks from the "Furr" era that won't be new to your ears if you've seen them live in the last year. Good job Eric Earley and gang.

"Wavvves"- Wavves
Alright, so there's been a lot of buzz over this Wavves kid and I don't get it. He flaked out of most of the gigs on his European tour, got pissed at his drummer, and did more E than one kid from California can take.


"Dark Was the Night"- various artists.
Tons of Indie hall of famers. The good part is that all of the tracks are new or b-side/rarities sort of thing, but the bad part is that all of the tracks are new or b-side/rarities. "Knotty Pine" is going to be a classic.

"No One's First and You're Next"- Modest Mouse
B-sides and rarities from the past 2 albums. My feelings about this idea fits in with the "Final Cut" and "the Wall" struggle between David Gilmour and Roger Waters nearly 30 years ago, and I agree with David Gilmour. If the songs weren't good enough then, why are they good enough now? I rest my case. Sorry Modest Mouse.

"Octahedron"- the Mars Volta
No one wants to listen to 7 minutes of "polyrhythmic" guitar solos anymore.

"The Eternal"- Sonic Youth
After hearing the Flaming Lips' new tracks from the forthcoming double album, and then hearing Sonic Youth's umpteenth album, it made me realize that alternative bands don't always last 20 years and make good music.

Tour EP handout- the Flaming Lips

Hearing these songs has made me question who told them they should release a double album of this uber psychedelic alternative fuzz.

But hold your head up!

Because in late 2009/early 2010, you can expect new records from.....
Vampire Weekend
Fleet Foxes
Architecture in Helsinki
the Strokes
Ra Ra Riot
the Shins

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