Monday, June 8, 2009

"Telekinesis!"- Telekinesis


  • I want you to listen to this album. I want you to listen to this album and try to find 5 things you don't like about it. I dare you. The answer: it's impossible!

    First off, Michael Lerner was noticed by Chris Walla (Death Cab), which is something not many bands can say. Next, his songs are melodic, quaint, thought-provoking, smile-provoking, and altogether lovely. Besides, what's not to love about 2-3 minute songs about finding love, imaginary friends, Japan, growing up, and summer? The answer: nothing!

    "Rust" starts the album off gracefully, with an acoustic ballad about love and the fear of committment. Next up, "Coast of Caroline" starts off acoustic sounding like the previous track, but blows your mind with a punchy beat, and precise vocals. "Tokyo" takes the rocking to a new level, and is perhaps the album's loudest song. It talks about neon lights and bullet trains. Japanophile much? Something Telekinesis has in common with Nicolas Sarkozy. "Awkward Kisser" is a true gem. I've listened to it a million times and I'm prepared to listen to it a million more. This is where Lerner demonstrates his most poppy nature and possible Brian Wilson influence (????). Every song on this album has an amazing hook, sung by his strong but soft voice, delivered with strong guitars, impressive drums (played by Lerner), and impressively, mellotron lines laced in the background of some songs.

    The amazing thing about these songs is that they start off carrying on with what the previous song started, and taking it in a new direction while still maintaining an overall similar feel. Two acoustic ballads bookend the album, icy guitar riffs, punchy drums, amazing vocals, and an overall happy atmosphere full of love. Besides, if he can impress Chris Walla, you owe it to your ears to go buy this half an hour pop album.

    Key tracks: "Awkward Kisser", "Tokyo"
    Listen if you like: The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie (go buy it now)

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