Friday, June 19, 2009

"The End of History"- Fionn Regan


It's been almost 2 years since I stumbled across this folk album, and almost 3 years since its initial release. What Fionn Regan created on his debut album was truly classic. First off, he plays guitar incredibly well, has a great Irish-accented singing voice, and is a talented songwriter. His songs evoke scenes in Ireland during the summer, long coasts, the gold old days, things undone, words unsaid, rain, sun, happiness, sadness, this is one of the greatest albums of the decade and I have no doubt that this album will get a spot in your memory as such.
From the first seconds on "Be Good or Be Gone", Regan's finger picked guitar, and matter-of-fact vocals are reassuring. I can't quite say enough how soothing this song is. "The Underwood Typewriter" takes you to rural Ireland on a nice summer day. His guitar is once again beautiful and flawless, and his storytelling is heartwarming. "Hunters Map", "Snowy Atlas Mountains" represent the darker side of Regan, but no less staggering. "Hey Rabbit" is a nice analysis of the world these days. "The Cowshed" talks about suicide, and is definitely a darker but nostalgic tune. "I still see you as a baby/I do/Climbing onto the stage in front of the school", I think anyone can relate to the feeling of this song. "Abacus" is another heartwarming tune. Something about it will shut me up instantly. There's something in the words that have a sort of let's leave now and run away together feeling to it. "Bunker of Basement" is an amazing way to end an album. The first half is occupied by the bright piano paired with his plucked guitar led by his vocals, where the second half lets the piano lead and invokes the scene of driving away.
I really think that anyone can relate to this album. It's a nice folk gem, but it's not boring like most folk records get. There's something very nostalgic, summery, melancholic, but still very happy about it. Listen to it, and you'll love it.
Highlights: "The Underwood Typewriter", "Snow Atlas Mountains"
Listen if you like: Bob Dylan, Fleet Foxes, The Cave Singers

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