Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review 1: The Shivas' "Where Have You Gone To?"


"There's something happening here, alright", the opening words from the debut album by Psychedelic rockers The Shivas. There is something happening here indeed, and in this case, here is Vancouver, Washington. The opening chords on the song immedietely strike a chord with your inner love child. There album, released earlier in 2008 was received with rave reviews in the Psychedelic Underground community existing on internet sites. Because for that community, this record is exactly what they've been waiting for. The perfect amount of distortion you'd expect from a psychedelic rock band, but still clean enough to be listened to (and enjoyed) by anyone who comes across it. The real beauty of it is that it's reminiscant of a different time, but not so much that it's suffering from a case of the wanna-be-blues. It has an equilibrium of new things as it does old; it has everything. From African drums (and rhythms), droning sitars, swirling bass-lines, catchy riffs, guitar solos, to Grateful Dead-style Blues; it has everything.
Some people say that experience comes with age; with their front-man and leader Jared Wait-Molyneux just 17, their percussionist gone bass player Eric Shanafelt 18, and their drummer (younger brother Colby) only 14; the Shivas prove this very wrong.

Here's the track list: (The score is out of 5)

  1. Where Have You Gone To? -The psychedelic declaration of Independence for the modern era, 5 stars
  2. Peele's Parfume Garden -A mostly instrumental psychedelic-jam-freakout, Interstellar Overdrive anyone? 4 stars
  3. The Ballad of Grant Whitney -A Dylan-esque tale of anti-war, and not letting "the man" get you down, 4 stars
  4. Big Man -More of a Grateful Dead anti-war blues, this one will keep the crowd dancing all night, 5 stars
  5. Love -What would a great album be without it's love song? 3 stars
  6. Mr. Marmalade -A slow melody and verses but a driving groove in between. This song should be a psychedelic night club standard, 5 stars
  7. Butter Sun -A near 9 minute Floyd style chillout, "if I could go flying...", 4 stars
  8. Sunny Afternon -The perfect description of a summer day, along with African grooves, 4 stars
  9. Flying High -The story of summer love in a park on a sunny day, one of the greatest songs of the decade, 5 stars
  10. The War Song -John Lennon would be proud, 3 stars
  11. Ode to a Tea Set -A nod to Syd Barrett, and a nod well done, 3 stars
  12. Doctor, Doctor -Somewhere through the song you'll ask yourself, "Is this The Doors?", 3 stars
  13. Sit Anywhere -The title taken from "Norwegian Wood", these sitar drones were seemingly sealed in a time capsule by George Harrison himself, and unlocked by Jared Wait-Molyneux, 4 stars

    Flagship Song= "Flying High"

    Overal Score= 52/65= 4 stars

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www.myspace.com/theshivas, for info on shows and all that stuff
http://www.theshivas.com/, the band's website
http://www.worldinsound.com/, the band's label

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